Everyone uses social media.
So should your business.

With most people being active on at least one form of social media, it creates a prime space to reach new clients.

Pretty pictures, clever captions, and all of the hashtags. Marketing Threat will take care of your social media and help it grow.

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Marketing + Advertising

With social media your business can provide your community with great one on one support as well as find many more customers that live within your area. By being constantly active on social media, you start to attract more and more people from all over the country and expand your business. With paid advertisement on websites such as Facebook or Instagram, you can show off your business to people in your local area who are using those websites as well.

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Marketing Threat can create and upload content for your social media, so you never have to worry about it. By taking high quality images and using appropriate hashtags and geotags, your content will have high appeal and hopefully generate many interactions, such as likes and comments, bringing more customers to your business.

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Marketing Threat has access to analytics tools that can show us how people are interacting with each post and each social media account that you have. With this information we can then improve our strategies to have as much reach and interactions as possible.

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